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A Family Band that Sings Their Hearts Out!

Andrew Queen and the Campfire Crew are a family folk band that sing their hearts out and craft interactive musical storytelling performances that kindle the magic and memories of summer camp. They strive to bring old campfire favourites back to life and create original kids' music that inspires silliness and singing.

Andrew Queen cut his teeth singing, songwriting, crossing the country and playing jug with the Toronto band, Jughead. In 2004, he released his first children’s album, Alligator Tracks , and never looked back. As a solo artist, he has entertained families across Ontario with his signature fairy tale tunes and was voted ‘Canada’s Favourite Children’s Artist’ at the 2011 Canadian Independent Music Awards. Andrew also works as an elementary school teacher and is music-certified with the Ontario College of Teachers.

Andrew and his partner, Karen Stille, began creating children’s music together after the birth of their eldest son, Ivan. Together they have co-produced three children’s albums. Too Tall received a Parents’ Choice Award and won Children’s Album of the Year from the Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA). GROW also received a Parents’ Choice Award and was a CFMA nominee in 2012. Both albums were selected by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre as audio recommendations for their publication, “Best Books for Kids and Teens.”

From the kitchen table headquarters of the Campfire Crew, Karen cultivates and promotes the musical careers and exploits of her family as manager, desktop publisher and animator of their “Tune Tales” animated video collection. She joined the stage in 2013 and adds vocals, cajon and washboard while leading the audience in wacky actions.

Ivan (age 15) and Lewis (age 12) learned to crawl, walk, dance, drum, then strum at their dad’s concerts so it was a foregone conclusion that they would join their parents on stage two years’ ago. They add sweet sibling harmonies, ukulele and percussion to the Campfire Crew ensemble. Both study guitar and piano and are aspiring musicians and songwriters. Ivan was selected as a finalist in the 2017 Barrie Folk Society Youth Songwriting Competition.

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